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Homelessat80: Australia – 6th in world quality of life ranking

There are many pervasive misconceptions about homelessness. Our Human Book, who has been homeless for the past three years will dispel many of these...


Female Inheritance in Ancient Israel

Patricia argues that without conducting a critical analysis of modern approaches to studying the Bible, and, by not then, tying that evidence to the comparisons [...]

Evangels: Messengers Who Go & Preach The Good News

An evangel is one sent by another: a messenger. The office of evangelist is an itinerate ministry travelling [...]

The Sower, The Seed & The Soil

The Sower, The Seed & The Soil: Part 3 - The Soil

Consider a moment the farmlands of Israel in Jesus’ day. Rather than thousands of acres of rolling plains where the seed is sown and [...]

Reading the Bible as a Woman
RWVM is based upon Hab: 2: 2-4 ‘Then the LORD answered me and said, “Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets, that the one who reads it may run. “For the vision is yet for the appointed time....
“God is the sovereign ruler, whose strength is paradoxically revealed in the weakness of the cross.”
March 2023

Sunday Short-read (The Freedom Papers)


Paper #3: The Apostle Paul - Language of a Godly Leader (Part A)

I intend to show here that the Apostle Paul, by his language, life and teachings was a godly leader. Paul imitated Jesus. Jesus displayed the same attitude of leadership and practised it. [...]


Paper #3: The Apostle Paul - Language of a Godly Leader (Part A.1)

The Apostle Paul said he imitated Christ and for the Believer to do likewise. Paul obviously had discovered the key that enabled him to change his Pharisaic way of thinking [...]

Token Women In The Church

Paper #2: Token Women In The Church (Part C)

The Complementarian model (read, ‘sexist’) requires women who are obedient, submissive, and compliant. ‘Christian femininity’ is a socially constructed image that has been carefully modelled by pastor’s wives [...]

Token Women In The Church

Paper #2: Token Women In The Church (Part D)

Women who have a call on their life need recognition from the Body of Christ. They need safe places where their calling and gifting can be developed. They need financial assistance and support [...]

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All About Eve


All About Eve

There has always been a lot of hype about Eve! Many conflicting ideas about her are drawn from the translations and commentaries on her, along with ancient writings [...]

Eve: The First Woman
Mother of All Living

The Christian Scriptures (NT) only referred Eve by name twice. Yet interest surrounding Eve is embedded in the Greco-Roman culture. [...]

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Reading the Bible as a Woman. In telling something of my personal story it cannot be separated from the call of God on my life. I discovered this calling early in my new life with Jesus. I derived great satisfaction and excitement from the understanding that God had a plan for me, through a new way of living…