About me:  Patricia Erlandsen, Run With the Vision Ministries, my teaching papers entitled: Reading the Bible as a Woman and the RWVM School of Ministries.

RWVM is based upon Hab: 2: 2-4 ‘Then the LORD answered me and said, “Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets, that the one who reads it may run. “For the vision is yet for the appointed time. It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; for it will certainly come, it will not delay…. And… the righteous shall live by their faith’.

The initial launch of Run With the Vision Ministries (RWVM) took place in 1985 when I decided to obey the Great Commission. I left Adelaide, South Australia, purposing to preach in as many countries as doors opened to me. I finally returned to Adelaide to live in 1996.

On that first journey, over time, I was invited to minister in 25 countries. How this happened is another story and I am in the process of publishing it.  I also lived by faith, and the valuable lessons I learned I am now also in the process of passing this on to anyone who wants to learn in my post on Faithit-tillumakeit Facebook page.

During that journey I decided to live one day at a time, waiting on our heavenly Provider for daily leading and provision. By God’s immeasurable grace I was helped by very many kind and hospitable people, to whom I say thank you!

I have re-launched RWVM, as the vision was only partially realised. Its fulfilment, ‘for an appointed time’, I believe, is now. To complete this to my satisfaction necessitates my publishing my teaching materials under the heading Reading the Bible as a Woman. I initially wrote the bulk of these teachings from 1992 to 1996. These were published then in a limited way. I am happy to say they are now being uploaded on this website to make them available to a larger audience.

The reason I have grouped the OT / NT teaching papers under the heading, ‘Reading the Bible as a Woman” is to illuminate the positive female role models in the Bible. It is also to reach women with the message of God’s equality and of their acceptance and the individual call on each one’s life.

I hope to encourage Christian women to realise they have a destiny to fulfil, and to learn to overcome any barriers placed in their way. I am especially advising the same women “do not obey the patriarchs doctrines of inequality”. They misrepresent the glorious message of the bible and ultimately are the enemies of God.

My quest is to encourage women to listen to the gentle, quiet, peaceful, still voice of the Holy Spirit who dwells deep in our mind. Stop listening to the chatter. Instead, still our voice and be quiet. Finally, follow the leading of God. Begin to take steps by faith to do what you believe you are called to do.

The contents of my writings are also meant to draw the reader’s attention to the deeply held prejudices that prevail against women in the translation and interpretation of the Scriptures up to this present day. These remain unchecked, despite the increasing abundance of evidence to the contrary.

This evidence has never been quenched. Initially provided overwhelmingly by past male bible teachers in the formation of the scriptures and those commentaries over the past couple of centuries which we still read now and the prolific publication of bibles more recently along with the abundant supply of study materials now freely available on the web. Seek and you shall find.

On a personal level, there is no greater satisfaction than to fulfil the call of God on our life. I believe everyone has the power to bring about change in their own circumstances. The journey begins within, through prayer, calling upon God’s grace. Whatever our circumstances, there is a way, a highway.

For those ready for change, courage begins to rise up and our faith ignites. We can and shall discover a new way of living. One step at a time, we find a new way of becoming what we shall become. Only we can decide what level of commitment we will go to. For positive changes to occur it will mean setting new goals, taking responsibility and leadership for our own life, and will, very likely, involve risk. In this, you are not alone.

For those individuals or groups seeking new direction, that can lead to a fresh vision, a new journey in their Spirt-led walk and ministry, please feel free to contact me if you think I can be of assistance.

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My Personal Prayer, please join me if you so desire … 

“Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.

I put everything I am, and own, on your alter , I give you all that I am, all I shall ever be. Make me as one that serves. Lead me, show me your will, take away anything that is holding me back from knowing Jesus the face of the HOLY MYSTERIOUS ONE, the Great I AM, the Almighty God, take away that which prevents me from becoming who I am becoming.

I forgive …. Forgive me. Supply my daily needs.

Give me the personal conviction I lack to live these days in embodied prophetic action Amen.