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Welcome to Run With The Vision Ministries’ new website!

It’s a new day and I have begun to run again on the second extended journey of Run With the Vision Ministries (RWVM). I intend to continue doing the work of the Evangelist, as well as teaching and preaching on womens full freedom in Jesus Christ, along with assisting women who are in startup mode of discovering their gifts and calling and /or writing their vision and running with it. If this is you go to the main menu and click on RWVM Mobile Course Info and Mobile School of Ministries.

I am in the process of uploading my teachings and other writings of mine under various headings which include…

 ‘Reading the Bible as a Woman’ (RBW). These include …

OT. Revisiting Genesis. Genealogies of Women in the OT.

NT. Women in Ministry. All the Women in the NT. Another look at Paul’s teachings on women in the church and home. Other subjects of interest to women reading the bible.

Personally Yours. This is me writing to you personally from my heart. Includes chatting and heart to heart with God. How I as a woman feel about my world, and how I think other women feel. Personal prayer for my self and any who want to join me. My personal testimony: bearing witness to the goodness of the All Sufficient One, my Divine Protector and Provider, of how I came to Christ. 

As well as the bible teachings I am  taking the liberty to express my point of view as a Christian woman. After 50 years of serving Jesus I feel I have earned the right :  )

 Hey, if you would like to say hello or you may have a prayer request please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Perhaps we met somewhere in my travels. Please don’t hesitate to write to me personally via this website. Allow 24 hours turnaround.

Contact me via the online form click here…
Email: patricia@rwvm.online

So glad to be with you here and now,

in Jesus.