Travel & Scholarship Updates

Dear Tricia,
I am writing to all Fall 2020 students, both incoming and returning, to give you an update regarding the Fall Semester at JUC.
JUC is preparing for the fall semester as normal. However, the Israeli government has not yet lifted its temporary travel restriction preventing non-Israelis from entering the country. We do not know when this may be lifted and will make sure to communicate with you as soon as we do.
Our staff in Jerusalem is monitoring the situation on the ground in Jerusalem daily, and as soon as there are any updates, we will let you know.
In the meantime, because it is possible that we may have to delay the start of the semester, please do not purchase your airline tickets yet.
We are receiving updates from the Ministry of Interior regarding the student visa application process. At the moment, the Ministry of Interior has said that they are not processing visa applications until they know when the travel restriction will be lifted. You can expect to hear from us in the first two weeks of July with an update about the visa process.
We trust that things will be clearer in the next few weeks. Just this past week our campus construction projects have been resumed. Those of you who are returning will be glad to know that we are once again in the midst of noise and busy workmen just outside the offices. I hope that when I see you again or meet you for the first time, it will be from the new Reception Area! I will send another update next week. Until then…
Blessings from Jerusalem,