Kerala School: Courses A and B FAQ


The 6 Day school fee: $500 AUD – Includes the overnight houseboat experience. Please pay by Direct Deposit:
Name: Patricia Erlandsen
 Bank Swift Code: CTB AAU2F

BSB 064-450

Acct 1055 1668

ABN 22980 680 770


Q: How do I get there?
Plan in time for your flight to arrive ready to start the course as per the time and dates shown on the school’s Landing Page.

Not included in the school fee of $500.00 AUD. N.B Travel Details & Estimated Travel Costs are not cost into school-week but instead are at Student’s Expense. Students are required to look after their own Travel Arrangements, including visa and passport, accommodation and food and any other personal arrangements and requirements,

FYI: School costs $500.00 AUD see details on the landing page on what is included in our school fee.


Here is an example (only) of Flightpath:

DEPARTURE: BNE BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA (N.B. These details will change depending upon your city of departure.) FYI. The estimated cost of the flight at the time of booking  $1600.00 AUD.
09:10 / International Terminal/ Arrival:/ SIN SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE/ SINGAPORE AIRLINES SQ Flight Number 256/ SINGAPORE AIRLINES SQ Flight Number 8416/ Operated by: SCOOT PTE LTD
Terminal 1/ Arrival:/ TV THIRUVANANTHAPURA, INDIA/ 22-25/ Terminal 2/ Wednesday, 31 January/ Duration 8 hours) & minute(s) / Saturday, 03 February/ Seats):/ Check-In Required./ SINGAPORE AIRLINES SQ. 15:10

Exchanging Money
 It is convenient to have some rupees when you arrive in India. It is not so convenient to be held up when you arrive and have to be exchanging money. Mary found the AUD exchange rate to IND Rupees is cheaper at Singapore Airport, but there is no guarantee.
At the time of writing 1 INR (Indian Rupee) equals 0.018 AUD.

Visa. Do I need a visa for India?
YES! Please read everything relevant to your trip to India: this is your responsibility. Although we will take all reasonable care and give our advice when asked, however, RWVM cannot be held responsible for your travel, finances, health, insurance, or safety.
Passport: Read up on passport requirements.
Travel Insurance: Read up on and make your own decision on travel and health requirements.
Safety for Women / Solo Travellers
 The smart traveller site below gives wise tips for women travellers and it is in our best interests to heed them all. In my opinion, having travelled extensively and never had a problem, I notice Australian women are lax, here in Australia, with purses, handbags, personal belongings, and many other things that would get them into trouble overseas. Please do your research

Q: How do I get from the local AIRPORT TO MY HOTEL?
On arrival: take a taxi – about a 20-minute trip. Should cost around INR 500 to Hotel Thushara, Hawa Beach, Kovalam, 695527 or your alternate hotel. Ask the driver to ring your hotel ahead because it may be down an alleyway, and the hotel will send a porter to assist you with your luggage. (Don’t forget to give the taxi driver and porter a small tip: 18 rupees = $1.00 AUD ).

Q. How do I get from my alternate ACCOMMODATION TO THE SCHOOL?
Hotel Thushara, Hawa Beach, Kovalam, 695527. Kovalam is where the school’s daily classes are being conducted. Kovalam is comprised of many delightful, narrow alleyways where hotels and shops are situated. One can feel a little disorientated at times. Ask your hotel for directions or ring Thushara Hotel + 91 9995292324  Most likely, it will be within a short walking distance.

Q: Will RWVM purchase my flight for me to the airport or school or any kind of Life or Health Insurance?
NO. You will purchase your own flight through any reputable local or online travel company of your choosing which includes Health Insurance, and any other relevant details to your trip.

Q. How far is the RWVM school in Kovalam from the airport, and how do I get there from Trivandrum International Airport?
The road distance between Trivandrum International Airport and Hotel Thushara is about 13 km and is approx. a 20-minute drive. Getting a taxi from the airport is by far the easiest option.

Q. Getting Taxis And More Safety Tips While Visiting India
We will daily walk from the school’s hotel, or other, to meet up for breakfast, lunch, and evening dining, pre-arranged daily.
EXPLORING AROUND TOWN. There is usually no need for public transport or taxis whilst staying at Kovalam as most restaurants and shops are a leisurely walk from most hotels. It would be best to choose a hotel that is close by for this reason.
Please wear comfortable walking shoes or sandals. Most of the paths are fairly flat, however, can be uneven in parts.
Wheelchair/walking cane
If you have a wheelchair or walk with a cane, please bring a friend who will safely accompany you. It is everyone’s own responsibility to arrange suitable accommodation for themselves. Some of the shops and restaurants may not be easily accessible by a wheelchair.

Q. What Will I Wear?
Limit your luggage. Bring only what you can comfortably carry. You will not need a lot of clothes – although it is in India’s winter, the weather will be very warm. So light summer clothes only will be needed for Kovalam and the Houseboat. However, if you are traveling to the Highlands with Patricia and Vanessa, you may need warmer clothes. Whatever clothes you bring, modesty is important. So, skimpy shorts or skirts or plunging necklines are not appropriate. Bring your bathers. Some hotels have swimming pools. There will be opportunities for swimming at the beach and sunbathing on beach lounges under umbrellas should you wish to do so at a small cost. It is not appropriate to wear a bathing suit and towel in public places.

Eating Out
 There is a wonderful variety of restaurants to enjoy. Of course, most have wonderful Indian cuisine, but there is a selection of other cuisines to try. Situated on a pond, The Lonely Planet is highly recommended. The German Bakery is another: great for coffee and cake. We will endeavor to have all meals together, but there could be times when you may need to spend one-on-one time with another. Most restaurants do not require a booking. However, it may be appropriate to book for dinner with large numbers. These times will be discussed daily at our meetings.

Safety In India
 Overall: exercise a degree of caution. Do as the locals do. Observe dress codes, and be on high alert concerning your passport, purse, laptop, and any bags. Wear a body bag next to your body under your outer garment. Travel light. Instead of a suitcase consider a small wheelie suitcase or backpack. Recommend you lock your travel bag. Consider only carrying a few changes of clothes as you can expect to be in a different place each meal. Clothes when washed daily dry out overnight. Only carry luggage you can lift without requiring any assistance. If necessary and you have to walk hurriedly, again a good reason to bring a suitably sized bag. Do not dawdle, gazing around when in crowded public thoroughfares. Keep up with your guide/ group.

Q: Do we need to have our fully updated Covid vaccine cards to register for the in-person event?
Rules and Restrictions to prevent covid-19 outbreaks can change quickly. it is important to regularly check the rules in India, and other countries through which you are transiting. For the latest details on entry and exit conditions, you should contact your airline or travel provider or the nearest embassy or consulate of the destination you are entering or transiting through. In addition, you must test yourself for the covid virus 24-72 hours before boarding your flight, and you must test negative for co vid.

Q. What Other Health Concerns Should I Have? Mosquitoes! Do not treat this warning lightly … wear 
clothes that cover as much of your body as possible and carry repellent  (containing DEET, Picaridin, or IR3535). Mosquito-borne diseases. The three mosquito-transmitted illnesses that are most common in India are dengue, #filaria, (parasitic worms), and malaria.

Dengue is the most widely distributed mosquito-borne viral disease in the world. Malaria: You can ask your doctor about prescribing antimalarials. Using personal repellents and wearing protective clothing can help to prevent mosquito bites. Worms: #Upon taking another blood meal,(spread by black flies and mosquitoes) the vector insect, such as Culex pipiens, injects the infectious larvae into the dermis layer of the skin. After about one year, the larvae molt through two more stages, maturing into adult worms.


Q: Where will I stay?
We have booked a 3-star accommodation, where the school will also be held: Hotel Thushara, Hawa Beach, Kovalam, 695527 Kovalam, KERALA, South India. The rooms have air-conditioning, 2 beds, and a bathroom. clean bed sheets, pillows, and towels. If traveling alone, your roommate will be a fellow student. It has been recommended for basic comfort and cleanliness. There are limited numbers of rooms available at Hotel Thushara where the school meets so get in early. It is clean and basic with A/C rooms and refrigerators in some rooms. It has a swimming pool too. First in best dressed.
Make your own booking, if not here look up other hotels available
If you prefer to find other accommodation pls go online:
Online: Further information:

Q: Can I Choose Other Accommodations?
Yes. You are welcome to stay where you choose, bearing in mind you will be traveling from your hotel to the school hotel, namely, Hotel Thushara, Hawa Beach, Kovalam, 695527 Kovalam. Students attending the RWVM school can choose their own accommodation. The rooms are limited at the Hotel Thushara, and 4 rooms of 8 have already been booked. Therefore, we recommend you get in early, or else you will have no choice but to look for another Hotel. However, there are plenty as this is a tourist area. Talk to your travel agent if you need advice, or if still in doubt, get back to us.
Online: Further information

About the RWVM School
Q: How can I participate in the Kerala India school and overall experience?
The RWVM school is organised for those attending, to get the most out of it, and to collaborate as a team. This team effort also requires students to attend the morning sessions and to receive their RWVM Certificate of Attendance. We have allowed for free time for R&R. which comes under the heading, “your choice.”

Q. Are Local Believers Attending?
 Yes, we are working with a national Pastor in India to invite local believers to attend as our guests. Those local believers who opt to attend will participate in the school’s OT Biblical women in all teaching sessions offered.  We are privileged to return their hospitality of acceptance of us as visitors to their country and church by providing their lunch over the school week’s activities, This invitation excludes the boat trip, for obvious reasons.
Q. Arrival Day Meet-&-Greet. Where will it take place?
 ARRIVAL DAY STUDENTS SETTLE IN. Students arrive at their “preferred-choice pre-booked pre-paid accommodation”: (N.B. travel, & all bookings – student’s responsibility.)
5.00 PM RWVM COURSE MEET N’ GREET: Meet at the Hotel Thushara, Hawa Beach, Kovalam, 695527 Kovalam, KERALA, South India.
6.00 PM We will walk down together to local shops and restaurants and enjoy our EVENING MEAL together. (NB. All STUDENT’S FOOD at own expense i.e., paid by INDIVIDUAL students).
AFTER DINNER: ORIENTATION – Planning ahead the 2 x weeks of school curriculum & boat trip as well as the extent of extra-curricular activities.

Schedule: Amrutha Houseboats: Kumarakom, Kottayam District. Kerala.
 Date Sunday, Feb 11th, 2024. 4 rooms- 8 ppl. Route Kumarakom. Check-in 12. pm. Check-out 09.00 am. Cruise time is 12 pm to 5.30 pm and 08 am to 09 am, including all meals (welcome drink, lunch, tea snacks, dinner. Route Kumarakom & light breakfast.
Rooftop room. Houseboat overnight parks close to shore after 5.30 pm.

A day on a houseboat in the beautiful Keralan backwaters is a fitting way to finish our time together. All meals, usually a wonderful sample of Keralan cuisine, are provided at a reasonable rate by an onboard chef. Students will be sleeping on the houseboat where it will be moored for the night in the huge Vembanad Lake, the longest lake in India.

Q. Once We Disembark Where Do We Go From There?
The 5-star Taj Resort & Spa in Kumarakom is literally a ”paradise on earth”.
 When we leave the houseboat on Monday 12th, we journey on to to the Taj Resort & Spa in Kumarakom where we hope to have morning tea. (N.B. This is a historic home and grounds previously owned by the Bakers, a Christian missionary family who lived there a century ago).

Taj Resort & Spa in Kumarakom is about 1 1/2 hours from Cochin Airport.

Alternatively, students can travel directly to Cochin to catch their flight or continue with their own travel arrangements.

We have scheduled into the planning to allow students to make choices to decide how to use their free time. We suggest you bring a friend to the school and enjoy exploring the food trail together: eating at a different outlet breakfast, lunch, and dinner or, join up with another student who you meet at the course, or a local believer to join you. Go out and explore the shops in the afternoons and continue on into the evening. Take an afternoon tour.

Q. What Does It Mean: EXTRA CURRICULAR STUDIES – Alternatively.

“Alternatively, join Patricia in the afternoon for extra studies. It is your choice!”

New Testament Bible Women: “Women’s freedom in the Early Church to serve: Identifying women in the NT serving  in the five-fold ministries.

ubmitted online – professional 20-page feedback: the premise is psychology linked with spirituality by showing pathways to follow for those seeking change by God’s grace, with Patricia’s coaching, guidance and counsel. See the Landing Page to order. There is a professional fee to pay when you order.

How Do I Find Out More About The RWVM Training Course in Personal Evangelism and Outreach, Kattappana?
 If you are interested, please tick the box on the RWVM Enrolment form and we will get back to you. We can update those who register once all arrangements have been made with the National Pastor who we are working with who is arranging our visit with the local church in Kattappana. When arrangements are completed, we will give an update on this landing page and by email to those who have registered. Costs will be kept to a bare minimum.
This ministry/ training trip follows the 6-day RWVM school. For those who choose to journey on with Patricia accompanied by Vanessa to fulfill the 4-day planned itinerary in KATTAPPANA, please fill in the SPECIAL SECTION AT THE END OF THE RWVM PDF LIVE INTERACTIVE ENROLMENT FORM.

CLOSING DATE FOR the Mobile School ENROLMENT and REGISTRATION for the Outreach: 30TH NOVEMBER 2023.

The PDF Live Interactive RWVM Ministry Questionnaire is supplied to students and local ladies attending if interested at no charge. It will be automatically sent to you by email once you register. The RWVM Ministry Questionnaire is an essential part of the training for students attending the training ending with the Kattappana Celebration Gospel Lunch.

Training Course In Personal Evangelism And Outreach.
All study materials for Personal Evangelism Training Course and completed RWVM Questionnaire (required) at no charge. Only those students who attended the RWVM school the previous week in Hawa Beach, Kovalam can register. The questionnaire is an integral part of the evangelism training course. Local believers who attend are also welcome to be involved in answering the questionnaire and returning it to Patricia. The evening classes (above) are also open to local believers.

Q. How do I begin exercising my faith to see provision come in to meet my travel and gifting needs for the journey?

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil 4: 13).

“What are the basics of becoming an I-can-do person?
Put into action what the word of God says. If you begin to pray, “Ask anything in my name.” In other words, ask anything that will glorify God, and you can decide what you want to do.

If you or your friends want to do a fundraiser or give a donation online to the RWVM OUTREACH project and other associated costs (listed below). Go to  Patreon (details here) for the trip, ”RWVM School Kerala, India.” Alternatively, here is the bank account set aside for RWVM mobile schools. We  will send a Xero receipt for all monies designated “RWVM India.”

Q. How do I deposit my free-will offering?
The money raised can be deposited easily and details are as follows“
Direct Deposit:
Name: Patricia Erlandsen
 Bank: BSB 064-450 acct 1055 1668
ABN 22980 680 770.

RWVM Missionary Focus & free-will-offering.
Q. What does this mean?
 4-day planned- RWVM TRAINING COURSE in PERSONAL EVANGELISM AND OUTREACH training students and our local guests.  All students and friends attending are herewith invited to offer financial support to help sponsor the Outreach:  The “How to” of Personal Evangelism teaching in Kerala India.
We also plan to contribute towards our guest’s lunches at both
A). WVM Mobile School,  and,
B). RWVM Outreach Evangelism Course B. to meet the needs of our guests and as well …
We are extending ourselves by raising funds to meet the associated travel and costs for the Outreach team.

RWVM Outreach.
RWVM school is raising money for the following hospitality, travel, and education needs:

 A).    We are extending an invitation to local believers to attend Week 1 school and Week 2 evangelism Training. We plan to provide hospitably to our local Indian guests, with friendship, courtesy, daily lunch, and all school materials.

 B). We are expecting to raise enough over and above our Mobile School hospitality needs and contribute the remainder to meet the college costs- 2024 to support 2 of 5 young women rescued by Mary as babies and have raised support for the 5 girls ever since. In this way we can contribute to the best start for their young lives by financially enabling them a college education: Mary will be sharing at the school on hers and their stories.

Fundraising example:
Vanessa and I planned a lunch; we raised $1,500 for Mary’s rescued children. We emailed out invitations and 25 women came.
We arranged with a restaurant owner that we charge $25.00 a meal and pay the restaurant $15.00.
We approached the boutiques in Main Beach to give a gift and we sold tickets for these to those attending.
We also asked those attending to support a bring-and-swop for a clothes table: they paid $10.00 to swap what they brought for something they picked up off the table (or not).

Mary is planning a fashion parade for the girl’s support of this trip on the Sunshine Coast on 12th August. Vanessa and I are also planning a fundraiser here on the Gold Coast to raise money for the trip’s needs and any extra goes to the girls. Get involved. See what the Lord will do : )

Please be mindful to respect the people and their customs.
·      You may be required to remove your shoes in some shops. 
·      Leave a small tip when paying the bill at a restaurant. 
·      Dress modestly. 
India is a wonderfully diverse country. Take every moment to enjoy it!

  • Q: If I have more questions, whom should I contact?
    Any questions about airline arrangements: please contact your travel agent. Any questions about the RWVM Mobile School of Ministries and Outreach: please contact Patricia.
    ·      Evangelist Patricia Erlandsen, RWVM Director / Intnl Itinerant Minister/ Bible Teacher.
  • Email
  • Message: Australia Mobile/WhatsApp 0410318388
  • Message: International Mobile 011 61 410318388
  • WhatsApp – 011 61 410318388
  • (text only)

Patricia will text back, or phone back if required.
·      PO Box 345, Chevron Island, 4217