Lessons on the Journey of Faith

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My teachings here are born out of a relationship with Jesus over many years as a result of active biblical faith. Doing what Jesus taught is different to reading a book about faith. Attempting to do it without the utter dependence on the Holy Spirit to do it through you will not work. The work of salvation is all of God and none of us. That is the lesson learned.

The course is designed for Christians who want to grow in grace in the knowledge of our Saviour Jesus Christ.  Hopefully, you are also motivated by a desire to win a friend to Jesus, develop a lifestyle of daily personal evangelism, or want to train others to learn the ‘how-to’ of Spirit-led, bible-based personal evangelism, or simply

The teachings are wide-ranging, written out of fifty years of continuous practice, a multitude of experiences and I’m happy to say, good success judged by the health and longevity of the outcomes.

My first encounter with an Evangelist was when Arthur Blessitt arrived in Brisbane Australia, in the early 1970s. He was walking, carrying the cross and preaching in local churches. When I heard him preach and observe his success, I knew this was the Biblical gift of the Evangelist in operation. To learn more you can go here ‘The Christian Life‘ on my website and read my personal testimony.

At this time, I served in one of the two largest, fastest-growing local churches in Australia. I was given a position, and one aspect of that was to organise and conduct the Department of Evangelism. Each Sunday morning, over a ten-week time frame, in one-hour Sunday morning Adult Sunday school class, I trained, over time, Personal Evangelism. to all those adult members in service in the church.

As well, I visited new converts, following them up, until they were made disciples of Jesus and well established in doctrine and faith. I made it my personal goal, to witness wherever I went, and to endeavour to win one person to Jesus a day. After ten years of service in that church I decided to obey the Great Commission: to ‘Go into all the world and preach the Gospel’.

Now, I didn’t ask anyone’s permission. I already had it from the Scriptures: God into all the world and preach”.  I did ask in prayer and believe I heard from God. I did seek others’ wisdom and counsel – those who knew me well and cared for me and the call on my life. This has always been my practice. However, what I’m saying here is, I did not need some individual man’s approval. Itinerant ministry means you are always working with oversight – the church’s leaders. You are daily answerable but we do not need individual people’s approval.

In 1985 I left Australia, travelling around the world, preaching, training, and helping churches grow along with my own spiritual growth. My travels took me into twenty-five countries, many of them I was invited back to more than once.  I shared the Gospel in homes of the rich and poor.

Where local churches were interested to learn I trained teams in street work, particularly amongst the homeless. I was welcomed into prisons and other places where people are compelled to stay until their debt is paid. I went into people’s places of work. I witnessed and prayed for military personnel, in a war zone, lived in remote villages and travelled to others, spoke in conventions, conferences, workshops, schools, large and small churches and groups and individuals.

I have taught this course in churches around the world and as a result, many testimonies have followed. These witness to the positive change experienced by individuals and in churches.

One of the highlights of my evangelism training adventures was when the late Rinehart Bonkki of CFAN, watched my series of evangelism tapes. His comment was “I like this woman’s faith”. As a result, I was invited to conduct a series of evangelism workshops attended by approximately one thousand attendees a day over five days, at the ‘Eurofire” Evangelism Conference 1988 in Birmingham, UK.

If you met me on one of my journeys, I would love to hear from you to catch up. At present, I am in the UK and the USA and return to Australia in March 2020.

My teachings are plain, and easy to understand. You can learn and become trained in effective evangelism. You can then use the materials to teach new Christians or a team of believers who want to grow their local church.

I am pleased to offer instructions online or be consulted via remote, or teach online. I can also travel and present the course over a week in your local situation.

At the end of this course, you can expect those trained to start witnessing in the style that suits them and see growth in the local church.

“Evangelism is serious fun”.

Arthur Blessitt (http://www.blessitt.com/countries/ )