NT: Women in Early Church Ministry

Run With the Vision School of Ministries Adelaide (1997)

I recognise the need for women to gain an understanding of the New Testament Scriptures that are directed at them. Where wrongly interpreted these hinder rather than enable women to inherit all that belongs to them in Christ. For this reason, the courses here are centred on the women in the Bible, whilst drawing from their socio-cultural context to make more understandable the reading.

I am indebted to several sources that have enabled me in my own study of the New Testament in their original languages. These include Sandra Payne (now out of print) and Hilda Fairley, Theologian, Katherine C. Bushnell, and her book, ‘God’s Word to Women’, www.godswordtowomen.org, the scholarly literature of Christians for Biblical Equality, particularly Dr Catherine Clark Kroeger, www.christiansforbiblicalequality.org, Prof. Elaine Wainwright, whose course I attended at CU Banyo, on women in the 1st century. More recently, Dr Ann Nyland and her translation work in ‘The Source New Testament with extensive notes on Greek word meaning. www.smithandstirling.com

Their work of translating and interpreting the NT Scriptures into language I could understand and their interest in me as a woman, their encouragement of me and my own journey with the Lord, have deeply affected my life. As a result, the ‘woman’ materials pertaining to the New Testament, written and offered here by me are largely as a result of their input into my life.

The materials presented on the women of Judaism in the Old Testament are the result of my lifelong journey in the Scriptures and of general reading over the years. Further understanding was gained from learning to read the Scriptures as a woman, employing textual criticism during my search for answers to the many questions I had regarding women in ancient Judaism. Finally, the Evangelism series of teachings were fragments initially gathered in my years of searching out how to make plain the teachings of the New Testament when working with people eager to know how to find new life in Christ as I had.

My hope in offering my materials to you is to enable you and I, together with the ecclesia of freed women and men, to all participate together as one in a renewed society. For those women who may be crying out to God as I was back in those early days, ‘why have you made me thus’? I hope you will find some answers and begin to absorb them into your own journey with the Lord.

I leave you with a reading from Ezra. It was directed at those Jews who were still alive after the exile and those born in Babylon had finally returned home. They gathered to hear from Ezra the reading of the Law of God, a momentous event. Here, also, the groundwork was being laid for the establishment of a renewed society. Having understood,

‘Then all the people went away to eat and drink, to send portions of food and to celebrate with great joy, because they now understood the words that had been made known to them (Neh 8: 2-12).

It is my hope also that you also will have cause for throwing a party when you read the materials I present to you here as part of the RWVM School of Ministries. I do not hesitate in saying that for some who will study them, their lives will take a new direction because of the freedom the Word of God offers to those women and men who choose to be ‘choice ones’ for God.

Feel free to contact me if you so desire, and above all, as the servant of the Lord, simply enjoy the life Christ has brought to you and be continually renewed in the spirit of your mind with this thought.



List of papers:




Women in the Upper Room: Anointed To Preach

Mary, The Mother of John Mark: Hosted A Regular Prayer Meeting

Rhoda, A House Servant And Disciple

Paul’s Sister


Phoebe: ‘Diaconos.’

Priscilla: Church Leader


Tryphena and Tryphosa

Rufus’ Mother

Julia and Nero’s Sister: Church Leaders in Rome

Claudia of Rome: A Famous Woman of History

Wife of Gaius


The Church at Corinth

Chloe: Leader of a Congregation.

Corinthian Women Keen Students Of ‘The Way’

First Church In Europe

Lydia and Other Women who met On the Sabbath

Lydia’s House Church: The First in Europe

Philip’s Four Daughters Who Were Teachers

Bernice: A Woman’s Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Praying and Prophesying Women

Corinth 1 Cor 11: 5 Woman Praying And Prophesying

1 Cor 12: 4-7 For the Work of the Ministry



Nymphia: Church In Her House: Leader.

Apphia: Church Leader: ‘Suffered For Christ’s Sake’


Euodias and Syntache: Women Leaders in the Church in Philippi.

The Elect Lady: Church Leader

Another Women, Church Leader, ‘Elect Lady’ Sends Greetings.


Women Ministers ‘Deaconai’ Praying Publicly

Women Bishops

Eunice And Lois: A Mother And A Grandmother: Jewish Women Of Good Faith

Women Elders: Women Leaders as Gifts to the Church.

Women Gifted With the Holy Spirit 1 Cor 12 Rom 9 Eph 3

Women Scattered and Preaching the Gospel

Acts 8: 1-4 Scattered and Went Preaching/ Deacapolis

Peter’s Wife: Involved In Apostolic Ministry.

Wives Of The Apostles 1 Cor 9: 5 


Women in Public Teaching Ministry in Corinth

Women Who Helped Build the Church in Corinth

Wives Of Titius Justice and Crispus in Corinth

Any Women Who Desire To Be Church Leaders May…

Female ‘Deaconai’: Women Ministers.

Women Ministers Obtain For Themselves an Advanced Standing: With the Right to Speak

Freely And Boldly And Openly By Faith And The Anointing.

Female Elders at Ephesus


Women Believers in Athens Acts 17: 34a


Priscilla: A Believer

A Woman Teacher by the Name of Jezebel

Women with lovely feet, that preach Good News


WOMEN IN THE UPPER ROOM: ANOINTED TO PREACH Acts 1: 14 women in the upper room preached Daughters and maid
Run With the Vision School of Ministries Adelaide (1997) I recognise the need for women to gain an understanding of the
  BACKGROUND TO JEWISH AND GENTILE WOMEN IN GRECO ROMAN TIMES  Once the women in the New Testament are identified
The Book of Romans: Background to the letter of Paul to the believers in Rome. Written around 57 AD Paul
THE CHURCH AT CORINTH  CHLOE: LEADER OF A CONGREGATION. 1Cor 1: 10-11Fellow believers, I encourage all of you through the
Women Leaders As Gifts To The Church   EPH Ch. 4:10 God measured out his favor to us and the