Philosophy of Run With the Vision Ministries

  • To consider and adjust how we understand ourselves, how we are formed by our history, culture, and society.
  • To explore and review fundamental truths about women and men; their relationship to the world and each other.
  • To examine and contest many of the false doctrines present in much modern-day church culture.
  • To understand and apply enlightened, comprehensive, contextual, theology to the original meanings of certain words and passages in scriptures.
  • To discover and investigate the lives of important and significant women in the scripture from a social-anthropological frame of reference.
  • To inform, and thereby free, both women and men so that we embrace God’s recreative work in Jesus Christ which holds all humanity equally, with no distinction.

“For centuries, the Bible has been used and misused to manipulate and prevent women from achieving their full potential as human beings equally created in the image of God. Women are ‘disinherited’, from the freedom God intended. This applies to all women and includes those of no religious faith. If we examine this biased biblical interpretation it will reveal widespread dishonest doctrines that continue to be maintained in education, culture, and society at large.

I invite women and men of all persuasions to learn how the bias of past and present translators, interpreters, and commentators has affected the daily life of women and men in both subtle and overt ways. Without correction, this problem perpetuates, passing on to the next generation. If we are to correct this and restore balance, we have to first adjust and release ourselves.”

Patricia Erlandsen