Reading the Bible as a Woman Blogs – Patricia’s Point of View

“I decree the enslaving yoke of oppression and depression of patriarchy on all women be made null and void according to the Word of God”

In particular, those called of God to go and preach and teach throughout the whole world. 

Be filled with the grace, boldness and assurance to carry out your call.

Nowhere does God’s word decree that women are responsible to reverse Eve’s transgression (Eve did not transgress). Neither is there any law in God’s Word that demands woman to keep silent. Neither is she to feel shame if she speaks. Nor is she excluded from any gifts of the Holy Spirit. God’s word assures us that God is ‘no respecter of persons.’ 

It is my prayer that women will be encouraged to answer the call of God on their lives. I pray they will accept that call with confidence; that their faith will be built up. That they will believe that the Holy Spirit’s enabling will equip them. They will be clothed with power from on high. They will be filled with the grace, boldness and assurance needed to carry out their call.

When God uses a woman to fulfil His divine purposes it is not because he could not find a man to do the job. Every woman has the right, according to the Scriptures, to believe she is called and anointed . She must then act upon that conviction, without interference, hindrance, harassment or rejection. 

It is also my prayer that the church and particularly our brothers in Christ will be set free from the enslaving yoke of gender discrimination.

Patriarchy has initially created this repressive lifestyle and mindset. It has separated us on the wall. It has robbed us of our oneness in Christ: there is neither male nor female in the Church of Jesus Christ which is the body and the Bride of Christ.

May we recognise the immense value of all that long to be recognized as whole and of value and realise, the eternal value of each person to see  one another as co equals. May we understand that for freedom Christ has set us free. All of Creation is groaning for this to be realised to its fullest extent.