Reading the Bible as a Woman (RBW)

A New Reformation to Re-establish an Authentic Christian Faith.


Who am I?

My journey, my story

The focus of my research

My studies and experience may appeal to four types of readers

My argument

My challenge

I started reading and writing immediately I came into the knowledge of Jesus’ saving grace and love for me. I had just read a book by Pat Boone, ‘A New Song’. I responded in prayer to God ‘if you are there, show me’. My sister had been talking to me about Jesus. I became stirred in my emotions, I ‘felt’ the love of God. I ‘heard’ the words ‘I love you’ in my head: I understood at that moment that Jesus died for me. Simple stuff I know. I began to share the good news with others. I also began to give quality time to reading and thinking deep thoughts about life, salvation, and my future.

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