Philosophy of Run With the Vision Ministries

  • To consider and adjust how we understand ourselves, how we are formed by our history, culture, and society.
  • To explore and review fundamental truths about women and men; their relationship to the world and each other.
  • To examine and contest many of the false doctrines present in much modern-day church culture.
  • To understand and apply enlightened, comprehensive, contextual, theology to the original meanings of certain words and passages in scriptures.
  • To discover and investigate the lives of important and significant women in the scripture from a social-anthropological frame of reference.
  • To inform, and thereby free, both women and men so that we embrace God’s recreative work in Jesus Christ which holds all humanity equally, with no distinction.

“For centuries, the Bible has been used and misused to manipulate and prevent women from achieving their full potential as human beings equally created in the image of God. Women are ‘disinherited’, from the freedom God intended. This applies to all women and includes those of no religious faith. If we examine this biased biblical interpretation it will reveal widespread dishonest doctrines that continue to be maintained in education, culture, and society at large.

I invite women and men of all persuasions to learn how the bias of past and present translators, interpreters, and commentators has affected the daily life of women and men in both subtle and overt ways. Without correction, this problem perpetuates, passing on to the next generation. If we are to correct this and restore balance, we have to first adjust and release ourselves.”

Patricia Erlandsen


About Me

In telling something of my personal story it cannot be separated from the call of God on my life. I discovered this calling early in my new life with Jesus. I derived great satisfaction and excitement from the understanding that God had a plan for me, through a new way of living. I can say sincerely, I have never looked back. I found myself completely enveloped in the desire to serve Jesus, my personal Saviour and Lord, wherever I happened to be and with whomever I met. I felt accepted, that I had something to give and to receive.

My new life led me to forming what have turned out to be life-long friendships. I found a mutuality amongst people I spent time with who seemed to me to be the kindest most forgiving generous people I had ever met. In addition to my personal life I found satisfaction in the development in what became my professional life. I was invited to join the ministry team of the church I attended.

This opportunity opened doors for me which also broadened my friendship base. It provided the opportunity to learn the joy of giving and receiving. I also discovered and developed spiritual gifts given by the Holy Spirit which included street evangelism. I discovered evangelism is serious fun. Later I was offered the opportunity to regularly preach which I discovered I greatly enjoyed.

My personal story also cannot be separated from the lessons learned through living by faith. From when I entered the church my financial renumeration dropped dramatically and I began to learn to live by faith, as is any other believer who is receiving less financial renumeration than can meet their basic financial needs. When I first began itinerating, in 1983 I preached and trained in churches in South Australia. It was at that time I moved into a greater understanding of living by faith as I received no regular renumeration other than small offerings on occasions. From that time I have lived in the knowledge of God’s faithfulness and promises to supply all my needs and can give testimony to this up to today.

Once I began preaching my study of the Word increased accordingly. In 1985 I asked the Lord’s permission to travel worldwide and preach – to obey the great commission. Others joined me in their participation and support. As an international preacher I went wherever doors opened to me. I felt the leading of God in all this and am still happy in it and hoping to leave everything again, this time, to go to JUC in Jerusalem.


My close friends know that for many years I have nurtured a future goal of completing a master’s degree to allow entrance into a Ph D program. Through this I want to add further to my teaching papers now being uploaded on my website,

I have now reached that stage in my life to see this fulfilled. This goal therefore is first of all a personal one. I want to be the best I can be for the Lord. Second, for my son, whom I love dearly. I want to inspire him. I want him to be proud of me. I also want to leave a legacy, to my women friends in particular.

I also hope that by my life’s choices I will inspire and influence women. I may never meet most of these women other than through my writing. I want to add to what I have already and by furthering my understanding through my studies at JUC.

This scholarship will facilitate my growth in knowledge and enhance and develop my work. I want to bear witness that God is sovereign, that God fulfils all that is promised to us in Jesus. That we can know and experience the grace of God.

Finally, I believe in education but especially education that leads to freedom to live as God wants us, to encounter all God has for us in Christ Jesus, not only in this life but the life to come.

Rahab aided the people of Israel to capture a city. The picture above shows the ‘red cord’ that Rahab, let out of her window so she and her household would be kept safe when the armies arrived. She did so as an act of faith and in return for her help she and her household were saved. This image speaks to me of the need to exercise my faith in God. Like Rahab I am letting down a ‘red cord’ of faith.

Hi There


Welcome to Run With The Vision Ministries’ new website!

It’s a new day and I have begun to run again on the second extended journey of Run With the Vision Ministries (RWVM). I intend to continue doing the work of the Evangelist, as well as teaching and preaching on womens full freedom in Jesus Christ, along with assisting women who are in startup mode of discovering their gifts and calling and /or writing their vision and running with it. If this is you go to the main menu and click on RWVM Mobile Course Info and Mobile School of Ministries.

I am in the process of uploading my teachings and other writings of mine under various headings which include…

 ‘Reading the Bible as a Woman’ (RBW). These include …

OT. Revisiting Genesis. Genealogies of Women in the OT.

NT. Women in Ministry. All the Women in the NT. Another look at Paul’s teachings on women in the church and home. Other subjects of interest to women reading the bible.

Personally Yours. This is me writing to you personally from my heart. Includes chatting and heart to heart with God. How I as a woman feel about my world, and how I think other women feel. Personal prayer for my self and any who want to join me. My personal testimony: bearing witness to the goodness of the All Sufficient One, my Divine Protector and Provider, of how I came to Christ. 

As well as the bible teachings I am  taking the liberty to express my point of view as a Christian woman. After 50 years of serving Jesus I feel I have earned the right :  )

 Hey, if you would like to say hello or you may have a prayer request please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Perhaps we met somewhere in my travels. Please don’t hesitate to write to me personally via this website. Allow 24 hours turnaround.

Contact me via the online form click here…

So glad to be with you here and now,

in Jesus.