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I recognise the need for women to gain an understanding of the New Testament Scriptures that are directed at them. Where wrongly interpreted these hinder rather than enable women to inherit all that belongs to them in Christ. For this reason, the courses here are centred on the women in the Bible, whilst drawing from their socio-cultural context to make more understandable the reading.

 I am grateful to the women I mention below who came alongside me showing a genuine interest in me as a young woman in ministry and also my interest in biblical equality. Their encouragement of me and my personal journey with the Lord  have deeply affected my life. I am indebted to these  women I met and their written resources that have enabled me in my own study of the New Testament in their original languages.

These include Australian, Sandra Payne, ‘Gods Word to Women’ who sought me out and gave me a copy of heron out of print  book. Hilda Fairly, another Australian and friend of Sandra Payne, who with her husband did extensive missionary work in Africa. Hilda gave me a copy of Theologian, Katherine C. Bushnell’s  book.  ‘God’s Word to Women’,

This brought me in touch with the late Dr Catherine Clark Kroeger and the scholarly literature available through  Christians for Biblical Equality,,  Catherine extended to me an invitation to teach at CBE’s conference held in Noway’s Lillehammer’s 1994 Winter Olympics site.  Catherine and her late husband  authored the ground breaking work ‘I Do Not Allow A Woman To Preach’. I also met Prof. Elaine Wainwright of Australian Catholic University  Banyo. Elaine graciously invited me to attend as an audit student her doctorate degree course  at ACU ‘Women in the 1st century’. During this time of travel, I attended American Institute of Holy Land Studies, now, Jerusalem University College for om=ne month study tour ‘The Land and the Book’.

More recently, Catherine Clark Kroeger introduced me to  Dr Ann Nyland. Ann had not long published her book, ‘The Source New Testament with extensive notes on Greek word meaning. Ann helped mt to get my first book published through a published, Smith and Stirling. All the above books are available on Amazon or online through their publishers.

My materials presented on the women of Judaism in the Old Testament are the result of my lifelong journey in the Scriptures and of general reading over the years. My understanding was gained from changing my view of the text by reading the Scriptures from a woman’s point of view.  I employed textual criticism  to find answers to the many questions I had regarding women in ancient Judaism.

Finally, the Evangelism series of teachings ‘Lessons on the Journey of Faith’ were initially fragments gathered together in my years of searching out for myself and how to make plain the teachings of the New Testament to those searching for their own answers.

My hope in offering my materials to you is to enable you and I, together with the ecclesia of freed women and men, to all participate together as one in a renewed society. For those women who may be crying out to God as I was back in those early days, ‘why have you made me thus’? I hope you will find some answers and begin to absorb them into your own journey with the Lord.

I leave you with a reading from Ezra. It was directed at those Jews who were still alive after the exile and those born in Babylon had finally returned home. They gathered to hear from Ezra the reading of the Law of God, a momentous event. Here, also, the groundwork was being laid for the establishment of a renewed society. Having understood, ‘Then all the people went away to eat and drink, to send portions of food and to celebrate with great joy, because they now understood the words that had been made known to them (Neh 8: 2-12).

It is my hope that in reading my body of work your outlook on life will change . I do not hesitate in saying that for some who will study them, their lives will take a new direction because of the freedom the Word of God offers to those women and men who choose to be ‘choice ones’ for God and have the courage to follow their calling.

Feel free to contact me if you want to.  Above all, as the servant of the Lord, simply enjoy the life Christ has brought to you and be continually renewed in the spirit of your mind with this understanding that it is ‘for freedom Christ has set you free’.



List of teaching papers:
Women in the Upper Room: Anointed To Preach
Mary, The Mother of John Mark: Hosted A Regular Prayer Meeting
Rhoda, A House Servant And Disciple
Paul’s Sister
Phoebe: ‘Diaconos.’
Priscilla: Church Leader
Tryphena and Tryphosa
Rufus’ Mother
Julia and Nero’s Sister: Church Leaders in Rome
Claudia of Rome: A Famous Woman of History
Wife of Gaius
The Church at Corinth
Chloe: Leader of a Congregation.
Corinthian Women Keen Students Of ‘The Way’
First Church In Europe
Lydia and Other Women who met On the Sabbath
Lydia’s House Church: The First in Europe
Philip’s Four Daughters Who Were Teachers
Bernice: A Woman’s Voice Crying in the Wilderness
Praying and Prophesying Women
Corinth 1 Cor 11: 5 Woman Praying And Prophesying
1 Cor 12: 4-7 For the Work of the Ministry
Nymphia: Church In Her House: Leader.
Apphia: Church Leader: ‘Suffered For Christ’s Sake’
Euodias and Syntache: Women Leaders in the Church in Philippi.
The Elect Lady: Church Leader
Another Women, Church Leader, ‘Elect Lady’ Sends Greetings.
Women Ministers ‘Deaconai’ Praying Publicly
Women Bishops
Eunice And Lois: A Mother And A Grandmother: Jewish Women Of Good Faith
Women Elders: Women Leaders as Gifts to the Church.
Women Gifted With the Holy Spirit 1 Cor 12 Rom 9 Eph 3

Women Scattered and Preaching the Gospel

Acts 8: 1-4 Scattered and Went Preaching/ Deacapolis
Peter’s Wife: Involved In Apostolic Ministry.
Wives Of The Apostles 1 Cor 9: 5 


Women in Public Teaching Ministry in Corinth
Women Who Helped Build the Church in Corinth
Wives Of Titius Justice and Crispus in Corinth
Any Women Who Desire To Be Church Leaders May…
Female ‘Deaconai’: Women Ministers.
Women Ministers Obtain For Themselves an Advanced Standing: With the Right to Speak
Freely And Boldly And Openly By Faith And The Anointing.
Female Elders at Ephesus
Women Believers in Athens Acts 17: 34a
Priscilla: A Believer
A Woman Teacher by the Name of Jezebel
Women with lovely feet, that preach Good New

Course Overview


With Patricia Erlandsen


Courses Titles: 

  • Women in OT / Women in NT
  • Reading The Bible as a Woman
  • Discover your gifts and calling
About Patricia Erlandsen – Career and Christian Ministry 

BA Studies in 5 Major World Religions (early beginnings) & Ancient History: ANE: Hellenistic Period, Early Beginnings: Christianity. UNE, NSW, Australia. The Land and the Book: 4 weeks Course. Jerusalem University (formerly American Inst of Holy Land Studies). ACU Banyo: Women in the Gospels. 1 Semester. Post Grad Dip: TESOL. Bond Uni. QLD. QLD Uni. Advanced Hebrew: 2 Semesters

Ministry Gifts: Evangelist. Intnl. Bible Teacher, Itinerant Minister,  Preacher, Motivational Speaker, Christian Writer.

Postal Address: PO Box 345, Chevron Island, QLD 4217, Australia


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Past ministry history and personal letters of introduction on request to accompany course booking details and paid deposit.



I Am A Christian Evangelist

“My life has been an adventure that keeps unfolding. I have decided to begin travelling again and living by faith one day at a time. I am grateful for my gifts of boldness, fearlessness, adventure and risk taking. In the past, I travelled into over 25 countries, for over 15 years or more without financial resources, by exercising my faith in God’s providence. The Lord supplied all my needs through dear supportive friends I made along the way together with other miraculous interventions. Yes, I believe in the working of miracles.” (Patricia Erlandsen).

Hi there,

As a child, I recall I did have a genuine connection with God but as I matured I buried it. Then, in 1972, at age 28, I experienced a dramatic life change for the better. One of my first recollections of how this change came about is that I initially challenged the Christian God to save my son.

You see, my son Mark and I lived in Hong Kong. There, I worked at the Miramar Hotel Kingsland (first floor) and Kingsgarden restaurants and nightclubs with the Ken Jeakle Dancers as a showgirl. The Australian Les Girls were also at the Kingsland (Basement). The costume designer’s name was Joe. He came over to HK with the drag queens Jackie and Michelle. Joe and I especially made friends and hung out together. But that’s another story.

My son and I rented a room in the guest house, Chungking Mansions, on the 16th floor, situated in Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. One day, around 2 pm in the afternoon, I returned home from rehearsals to find smoke pouring out of the building and fire trucks and hundreds of people milling around on the sidewalk.

Everyone was barred from going in or out, until the fire services located the source of the thick smoke that enveloped the seventeen stories tall of five blocks, housing 4000 people. This shutdown went on for 3 hours. Thinking that Mark may have come downstairs by the Mamasan that looked after him, I spent most of that time searching for him. Finally, in sheer desperation, I came to a stop, and cried out loud as I stood in the middle of the human tide of distressed people, “God, if you’ll save my son, I’ll go to church”.

Soon after, the firemen in charge were allowing people to come out. I got permission from one to go into the building with him. As we climbed, he left me on the fifth floor to help someone there, calling out for help. I continued to go up, pushing my way against the thousands of people coming down the fire escape stairwell.

I finally arrived at the door of the flat I lived in and when I burst through the door, Mark was sitting on a couch in the reception area. He had a wet kerchief wrapped around his mouth and nose. His eyes round as saucers he said, “Mum I knew you would come for me”. We got out safely and found a hotel floor next door where they allowed us to sleep that night. After that friends put us up, till we could return. I also fulfilled my vow: I went to church – but, at that time, only the once.

The reason that I kept my word was due to a Filipino friend, a Christian, as it turned out, who said, “You’d better do what you said you’d do, else a worse thing might come upon you”. Other dynamics were also at work in my life at that time, to bring me to my self, but they are too lengthy to go into here (my ‘testimony’ can be accessed through my web

Finally, on return to Australia, my sister, Joy, told me I was so loved by God, that God sent his Son, Jesus, to earth – to die for me. I didn’t understand at the time why this act of kindness and concern was imperative to my salvation, but I decided to ‘give it a try’. She said I could get a new life. I needed it.

In what can only be said as putting out another challenge, after being led in a prayer to Jesus to ‘come into my life and save me, I ended the prayer by once again, daring the Christian God in heaven to “give me a new life and I’ll give you three weeks’.

I figured if this was God my challenge could be delivered and if not, I’d prove God wrong. In three days I knew that it was true. I received the witness in my mind, that God loved me. I am here to say that I’ll stake my life on it. Anyone who is willing to throw out a challenge like that is going to see results.

Since then, I have spent 50 years of my 78 years, in no way perfectly, (as you’d know, without me saying), walking the talk and talking the walk. That is to say I’ve had many ups and downs, and many crises of faith, and plenty of persecution mainly from within the church.

Yes, I went to church. Not that was what God was asking. God wants us to Give over our life. I also read the Bible through in one year being taught by the author, Henrietta Mears, from her wonderful book, ‘What the Bible is All About”. From there I began to research the bible and the rest is history!

Jn 17: 7 Anyone who chooses to do the will of God will find out whether my teaching comes from God or whether I speak on my own.

Of course, as we all understand, even if we don’t quite know how to put it into words, reading and research are only one of several sources of ‘knowing’. Once started on my new life’s journey, my intuition immediately came into play. I decided I would again put God to the test. I wanted to find out if what is said in the bible about faith and how it works and test mine to see what would happen. I began to reason. What is faith? Does it work? How does it work? How are people born again? Why do some reject the message of the Good News?

Jesus said: “If you do my doctrine (teachings) you will know it”.

Once I embarked on my journey there was no turning back. I am still experimenting and experiencing every day in new ways how to walk by faith and not by sight. To learn about the invisible things of the Kingdom of God, we are taught to look at the visible creation all around us: God’s abundant world where, in that world, there is no lack. By putting my faith, that is, what I believed, into action, brought on discovering the authenticity of what I was reading in the Scriptures.

However, this is also where I came undone. I discovered some church pastors, church members, bible interpreters and commentators of the Scriptures were bigots, and in particular what they believed about the gender hierarchy invented to keep women in their place, that is ‘in subjection to the man’ and they claimed this was God’s will. This also includes similar prejudices concerning women, people other than white, not to mention, divorcees, gay people, unmarried women, etc.

These deviations on gender hierarchy were perpetrated in the patristic era when the church fathers wrote with poison pens about the shortcomings of women. We are still reaping that harvest. These sentiments, though veiled, have never changed. Due to the patriarchal mindsets of men, they have skewed the interpretation of the original languages to work against, firstly Eve the first women in Genesis and all the daughters of Eve, since then. As a result, they have robbed ordinary believers of their rightful inheritance.

From the time of John the Baptizer until now, Heaven’s Realm is being used or even robbed by people who have no legal right to it. This stops those who do have a legal right to it from enjoying their own property.” Dr Ann Nyland, The Source New Testament.

You might say these false interpreters were ignorant; but I say, they were and are, anti Christ. Their twisted words have created dissent. They affect ordinary people like me and you. I believe we ordinary people have a responsibility to call them out on it. They need to understand that, yes, we have a chip on our shoulder. Its hewn off that old block of ‘fair and just’. Just try to knock it off, if you dare. [1] But be warned …

Acts 5: 39 But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these people; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.”

My logic told me that the strength of the translators and commentators were weak in as much as they were biased against everyone but themselves: elitist educated men that made up the ruling system of their day. This meant that the system upon which I had begun to build my life thus far was seriously flawed. But God. … I was saved by being ‘led’ to find a new source of logical knowledge.

I began reasoning in a new way; I pursued my studies following this thread of new scholarship. I decided to build upon my knowledge and attended University. This introduced me to more of the same: modern scholar’s work. I began to write seriously in 1992.

I am grateful to say I stand today upon the shoulders of such forward thinkers as Melody and the late Keith Green (1980), Sandra Payne (1985), Catherine Bushnell (1986), Catherine Clark Kroeger (1987), Christians for Biblical Equality (1987), and many others (dates are when I came in contact with their materials). I

Since then I have arrived at my own empirical knowledge, based on demonstrable life’s experiences of walking by faith on a day by day basis of ‘give me this day my daily bread’. In so doing, it has led me to objective facts, to engage in the original languages, of learning from others of like mind. These practices led to a satisfying bank of knowledge I had built up over the years. My findings were fair and satisfied me.

Once I moved on into higher education, I learned where I could access the work of respected scholar’s modern critical analysis of early texts. This also helped me greatly to arrive at where I am today.

I studied so as to integrate Ancient Near East archaeology, anthropology and included Greco Roman women’s history and culture as well as ancient Babylonian and Ancient Near Eastern history and culture that as far as possible reflected the daily lives of the women of these cultures In these, I was always gleaning for information on the world of women.

I also studied the early beginnings of the world’s five major religions (BA: UNE NSW Australia). I discovered there are no original writings of the men whose names and words these five major religions are built upon. These early movements were all political in their motivations to save themselves at a crucial time in history.

My main goal was always to glean for historical knowledge that would assist me in my search on the women’s daily lives from these disciplines and embed the findings when I wrote. I found from this research that there is much hidden knowledge that men have kept from women and the church. I have recorded these inaccuracies in my books.

I then began to change the way in which I approached reading and interpreting the scriptures. In particular, I researched the biblical characters of the Old Testament and the New Testament, the women, and the men. I wanted to uncover the biased way in which they were presented by, in the main, misogynist male writers, preachers, and teachers.

These followed as they still do, a well-worn path, that claims that the women are, either, sick, sad, bad, sorry, passive and sinful. They play down the failings of the male characters. In contrast to this myopic view the men are heroes and leaders, courageous and full of faith.

My papers on the women of the bible published here,, show the real characters, their actual deeds and words, combined with what’s embedded in the text drawn from the abovementioned sources, obvious when read along with the footnotes, and  I don’t mind to say, with a predisposition, not to air brushing them, but to raising them up out of the moral accusations heaped upon them by biased translators, many of whom have changed the original languages to suit their prejudices.

Finally, I arrived at the conclusion that from its beginnings, the early chapters of the Book of Genesis and Israel’s Matriarchs and Patriarchs that followed, together with the overall history of Israel, is built upon the foundations of a matriarchal society. But this society and the characters in it, have been interpreted in a patriarchal way. All of the teachings I present on my website are written from this perspective. This has been my journey that has brought me to this point in time.

1 Tim 4: 16. Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.

My life has been an adventure that keeps unfolding. I have decided to begin travelling again and living by faith one day at a time. I am grateful for my gifts of boldness, fearlessness, adventure and risk taking. In the past, I travelled into over 25 countries, over 15 years or more, without financial resources, by exercising my faith in God’s providence. The Lord supplied all my needs through dear supportive friends I made along the way together with other miraculous interventions. Yes, I believe in the working of miracles.

Like other called itinerant ministers ( I do not mean Gospel Tourists) I’ve supported the body of Christ by teaching in churches, conferences, retreats, and youth camps. I’ve preached in big and small churches in war zones, in remote places and cities and villages, in underground churches.

Once I preached in a boxing ring in S Ireland, I’ve met with Fijian believers in a cane field under an awning made with tin, with huge toads just out of the shimmer of the light, in playing field in a remote Kenyan High school in the lunch hour, in hired halls, in scantily furnished, but welcoming, grass and mud huts. I’ve showered in the dark under palm trees, preached in the lounge rooms of ostentatious, and not so, private homes.

I visited dangerous gangsters and political prisoners in a high-security prison in Belfast during the troubles. I’ve stood talking and praying for, and ministering to military men, armed to the teeth for war in the Phillippines. Once a group I recall especially were taking time out from a reconnaissance investigation, by sitting outside the hall where I was preaching, intently listening to my message. I’ve accompanied a woman who decided to stay in a war zone when all other missionaries left.

She and I, together with a team of locals, crossed rivers, streams, and mountains to arrive where people were waiting a day or more, having walked miles and miles to get there. They slept on dirt floors and ate plain rice waiting to hear the uplifting news of peace and hope the Gospel delivers. Like any minister of the Gospel, I’ve had the privilege of being called to attend vigils at the bedsides in homes and hospitals of the sick and dying, vigils alongside broken hearted families, in hospitals and homes.

I’ve itinerated and ministered where new young Christians in small gatherings were ready and hungry to be confirmed in their gifts, to continue the work, and to go on to experience accelerated growth. I with my son, Mark, housed and fed and clothed disenfranchised street people we met on the street and invited home for meal and bed and a fresh change of clothes and to stay if they wanted.

I’ve conducted schools of ministry and invited the participants to accompany me when I’ve travelled and preached, training them in the ministry. I’ve trained others wherever I travelled to do the work of evangelism, to recognise and put to work their gifts given them by the Holy Spirit through the laying on of hands. I received a beautiful anointing myself to carry out this work of the Gospel. I believe the anointing accompanies those that will leave all to obey the Great Commission. It is reserved for the goers, not for the stayers.

Mt 28:18-20 ‘ The Jesus came to them and said, “ All authority in heaven and earth has been given unto me, Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

I’ve known criminals and gamblers, womanisers and conmen and women. I got mixed up with crooked people in high places in my work as an evangelist. I’ve worked alongside evangelists reformed from a past life of drug addiction, as well as former bank robbers, wife bashers, men and women brothel owners, predators who controlled young women and men, treated them like prey, taken captive at their will and against their will. I have forgotten so many things of my life in my travels, but I thank God for the gift of the Grace of God bestowed upon me. I can testify I came through many perils unscathed.

Rom 16: 27 ‘to the only wise God be glory forever through Jesus Christ! Amen.’

I hope to meet you and hear your testimony. Feel free to write especially if we met during one of my journeys. Recently someone sent me a text. I haven’t had contact with him for thirty years. Here is what Bill wrote: “you have been a significant character along our journey. God bless you… how I remember RWVM. We need it now more than ever”

God bless


Patricia Px



[1] Chip off the old block: where was it originally used and what is its meaning? In British shipyards, in the first half of the eighteenth century, shipwrights were allowed to take home “offcuts” of timber for their own use, but only if it was not useful for the ships, and so long as they could carry it. The ruling from 1737 was “Shipwrights to be allowed to bring [chips] on their shoulders near to the dock gates, there to be inspected by officers”. In 1753, it was changed to “Chips which can be carried under one arm”  a lot less than one could carry on a shoulder. It’s recorded in court history (at the time of a shipbuilding strike and several court cases based on that) that one shipwright was stopped, but Immediately the main body pushed on with their chips on their shoulders.”

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