Evangels: Messengers Who Go & Preach The Good News

An evangel is one sent by another: a messenger. The office of evangelist is an itinerate ministry [...]

Have Faith in God

I've been practicing it a long time now. Faith it till I make it, that is. It all started with my conversion. I was looking for a new life! [...]

Adding to Our Faith

It is my intention to write on the things I learn and the daily difficulties I face living one day at a time by faith. In the process, I plan to be as transparent [...]

About Me

In telling something of my personal story it cannot be separated from the call of God on my life. I discovered this calling early in my new life...

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Jerusalem University College (JUC)

Deferred Fall Semester due to Covid-19

Dear Patricia, thank you for your email and your confirmation that you will not be enrolling at JUC for the Fall 2020 Semester...

Scholarship Award Letter Announcement

Dear Patricia, I am happy to announce that the Scholarship Committee has awarded you a scholarship for the cost of half tuition...