These papers are written to encourage the believer in their courage to exercise their faith in the one true God, the Great IAM.

If you do Jesus’ teachings you will know them to be true. 

Overall, gaining knowledge and thinking on Jesus’  teachings and considering the how-to-do-it will ultimately enrich your thinking. Finally, it’s the actual doing that brings the change. Our mind and spirit will respond with the accompanying desired results. 

I say therefore, “Faith it till you make it”.

Its elementary really.  Genuine Divine faith springs from trust and courage (virtue). Genuine Biblical Faith will show works. Genuine Holy Spirit inspired Faith requires action.  Doing what Jesus taught (planting the seed in your mind) will reproduce a harvest of the same seed and it will bear fruit. In other words, putting the Word into action or obeying / doing the Word will bring change.  As you walk in the Word revealed to you it brings Life Eternal. It will automatically link you to the Divine Life. Obedient Believers are promised we will partake of the Divine Life and Character of Jesus our Saviour. The Fruit of the Spirit automatically begins to appear and grow. This then leads us into living a new life. 

I encourage you to read my teaching papers. These teachings are not from studying Scripture only, nor reading other’s books, but from my actual doing them I have proved them. I, therefore, write to you out of my own personal life experiences. 

Be blessed in Jesus’ name.