Socio-historical Essays: Studies in Religion from a social and cultural perspective as listed below – ANE. Greco-Roman. Judaism. Christianity. Islam. Buddhism. Other: Feminist Scholarship.

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Subjects List :

#Ancient Near East

Treatment of their dead reveal religious beliefs of ANE. 

Zoroaster: Ancient Religion in Esther’s Day Changes in Persian ideas about religion and gods.


Shaping Judaism: The complexity of human interaction and historical processes: 

Judaism: the elect community, the Torah

Kettubah: Israelite Women’s 1st Century Marriage Contract 


Gender and Islam Intertwine in Complex Ways 

Muhammad: Early years. Why success in converting Arabia to Islam and obstacles encountered.

#Background to the Early Church

Choice of New Testament texts: political and theological in nature.

Greek speaking Diaspora and early Christian success.

Early church’s greatest obstacle: Isis popularity

The way in which authority, maintenance and control of early Christianity were exercised

Choice of New Testament texts: political and theological in nature.

Electronic church broadcasting: Advantages and disadvantages

#Ancient Greece

Athenian women: The position of women in Athens : prescriptive and descriptive

Some pagan religions of ancient Greece: women and cult.

The Ancient Greeks and their gods.:observing religious concilitory rituals, they compete to win the god’s favour.

#Ancient Rome

Roman Familia: Roman women’s changing roles in home and society.

Roman male, “that of an aggressive dominator’

Isis: Roman Religion/ early church. Her domestic image of ideal wife and mother.


Early Years of Siddharta Guatama, founder of Buddhism.

#Christianity, technology and science

Modern mass media religion: TV Evangelists

Sociological/political Approaches to religion (philosophy, anthropology,


#Feminist scholarship

A social revolution: The rise of a feminist biblical hermeneutics.

Gender, marriage, and family: gender associated with marital relations and family.

Women’s Movement in the Past: Black feminism