RWVM Mobile School of Ministries for Women – Destination: KERALA South India

Hey, ever wished someone would ask you to accompany them on a ministry trip to an interesting destination?

  • Ever thought you’d love to go overseas but had no one to go with?
  • Ever wanted to do a trip overseas with someone who has been there before?
  • Afraid of change but tired of the old life? Ready for an adventure?
  • Yes, but how can I afford it? Well, begin by exercising your faith! See what the Lord can do. (Become an I-can-do person: stop procrastinating – get involved – see how the Lord will lead you!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

Phil 4:13

RWVM Intnl School for Women is a biblical model for social, economic, educational, political and psycho-spiritual empowerment for women believers in Christ.
Overall aim: transform your life by embracing change and owning it.

“I being in the way, the Lord led me” Gen 24: 27 (KJV)

Patricia and Mary have planned this RWVM mobile school and ministry trip to Kerala, South India, for all the reasons above and then some. We hope you will join us.

WHEN: 6th to 15th February 2024

A). Kerala South INDIA – 6-day Course: RWVM Bible School for Women – incl. Anointing and Commissioning service with Certificate.

6/2 -12/2/24: Hotel Thushara, Hawa Beach, Kovalam, (includes Overnight Houseboat).

When you complete course A then you can join Patricia and continue with course B.

B). RWVM Mobile School of MinistriesTrip & Outreach: Teaching & Training in The Dynamics of Personal Evangelism – incl. Anointing and Commissioning service with Certificate.

12/2 -15/2/24: Kattappana, Kerala Highlands.


Well, here we are, in great anticipation, making plans, inviting others to join us, expecting the trip to S. India to bring about a shift in our lives to make room for new beginnings. Our closing date for booking and payment is 30th November 2023. Should you choose to accompany us you will be in good company as we are both veterans in the ministry.

Mary and I have travelled extensively over many years taking the good news to whomever and wherever the Lord has opened doors. For example, Mary has travelled over 20 trips to India to work with organisations that rescue children in distress, whereas Patricia travelled for 17 years in 25 countries, preaching, teaching and training church leaders and congregations how to grow a church or para organisation.  We have served in leadership roles in small local and large national churches, engaged in pastoral, counselling and consultancy work, as well as working in the harvest fields of the world to help plant churches and outreach ministries to the poor.

In early February 2024, we invite you to take this opportunity to join us in Kerala, South India, to bring the love of Jesus to those whose lives we will touch and to receive the same in return. We also want you to share with us the freedom this kind of ministry imparts as it has the power to change your life. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you have, or to just take the opportunity to chat about the trip.

For the Gospel’s sake,

Patricia and Mary.


To see a detailed schedule please follow this link

The 6-Day school fee: $500 – Includes 6 mornings of teaching (and extra if you so choose) and finishes with the overnight houseboat experience.

Please pay by Direct Deposit:
Name: Patricia Erlandsen

Bank Swift Code: CTB AAU2F

 BSB 064-450

Acct 1055 1668

ABN 22980 680 770

Please pay into this account also if you or a friend wants to give toward the ministry trip in India …

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