Thoughts about Patricia in Leadership :
I’m so glad I know you! I love you, just by being in the world, you inspire me to keep on going myself!
Leadership is not a job or a role for you – LEADER is who you are, its core to your being.

  • You are a leader because people follow you.  Be you CEO or in prison, you would still have a ‘following’.
  • You are intuitive, gut/spirit led which opens you up to out-of-the-box possibilities
  • Not bound by the restrictions of ‘boundary thinking’
  • You bring your best intention to others and their lives – this is your Service and Gift
  • You motivate people to go for the best option
  • Your capacity to keep encouraging people along the way is vital – enthusiasm is contagious
  • Creative thinking around problems
  • Can do, can fix, can create, can resolve, can grow – positive initiatives and affirmation of that.  All things really are possible with you.
  • You do of course, have the gift of miracles (over many years I have seen this in operation – there is always a sense that ‘anything could and will happen with you’!)
  • Possibility thinking that enables others to bring their imaginings to life
  • You keep going – you are persistent
  • You are willing to walk away from an idea that’s not working and ready to try the next thing – pragmatic in that regard
  • Aspirational and inspirational
  • Weak spots:  Anything to do with the practical ordering of life, like, map directions, the role of administrator, advanced technology … not so interested in ‘how’ the world works – more interested in ‘why’ it works and how you can make it work better ~ which is not a weakness at all really!)

from L. Sydney

Thoughts about Patricia regarding Professionalism:

Having known your work here in the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Europe and Africa, I think all of what has been said here is very true of you. What I would add is not in the same line but is what I value in you – your loyalty and genuineness … Your vulnerability and openness about yourself which enables others to do something of the same. I am not thinking here of your skills and gifting in that way. But the above adds to it in that it is as much who you are as what you do.

from A. UK

Thoughts about Patricia regarding Relationship Building:

You really listen to people. You build up people and help them feel more capable and positive.

Thoughts about Patricia regarding Inspirational Mentoring:

With a worldly connection and an open mind, we can spot this lady from afar, she will leave you inspired and motivated for the day, or even a lifetime