The Freedom Papers: Firm Foundations – Equality in the church and home

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Sunday short-read

15 November 2020

As an introduction to the subject of equality in the church and home, this paper will also draw attention to the various arguments surrounding the debate and expose the flaws in the teachings put forward by the Complementary view. Once understood, this paper can become a tool for you to continue your own study on the subject. Where necessary, it is then a simple matter of repent, ‘turn around’, ‘change your mind’, and begin to put into practice what you believe to be sound doctrine.

The decisions you make thereafter will begin to take you in a whole new direction. Once your spiritual vision regains its long and short distance focus, it becomes re-focused. You begin to see all of the riches that are to be found in trusting in Jesus Christ alone to mediate for you and hence to save you. Once your allegiances shift from pseudo-authority figures to the all-sufficient protection provided by God, a new relationship with Jesus Christ begins. In a word, you begin to grow up into all things.

You will discover in this new relationship with God that all of the building materials and the tools you need to start afresh are waiting for you. When this new foundation stone is laid, you will be enabled to access all the promises of God, none of which are biased against women. God is not sexist. Instead, they are ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in Christ. You will begin to trust yourself again in making decisions that affect your future, trusting in Jesus Christ alone to lead, protect and save you. You will be glad to learn that God is no respecter of persons.

Once our relationship with God changes our human relationships also change. No more will we look to any relationship based on such a shaky foundation stone as gender, for example, to guide us or protect us. We begin to take full responsibility for our lives and the direction we are going.

We will stop looking to an authority figure whose elevated position is based solely upon his being male and whose position is dependent upon the belief that women and men are not created equal. Rather we will look to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

There is no basis for the belief that men have an ‘extra ingredient’ that God reserved for them alone, namely, leadership and authority in the church and home. No one can give an intelligent answer to why this idea is prevalent and persists. It is the antithesis of the gospel.

In this paper, we will compare the traditional interpretation of Scriptures in relation to women and men.

The correct translation of the word ‘head’ in the NT. (Greek word ‘kephale’)  is the controlling key to unlocking doors of prejudice and ignorance. Most wonderfully, it returns Christ to His rightful place of authority in the lives of all believers as their Lord, Leader, and Teacher. God has given all authority, in heaven and earth to Jesus. Safe and secure in Jesus, we will find all of the protection we need.

Coming next Sunday (22 Nov): The Controlling Key: The correct translation of the word ‘head’ in the NT. (Greek word ‘kephale’) . 

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