The Freedom Papers No. 1, Part 6

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The Freedom Papers No. 1 Part 6

For example, to teach that Eve was deceived therefore all women are easily deceived and need a ‘covering’ to control them, has no basis. Eve is accused of being responsible for the fall.  This is not found in scripture where it clearly states the man was solely responsible (Rom 5:12-21). This false accusation is used to teach that women are weak, dangerous and untrustworthy. Men are to beware of women as they have a propensity to tempt men as Eve did Adam.

From this, it is easy to see how the teaching develops that women must have some man to be ‘over them’. This keeps women controlled and under condemnation and limited in their self-expression and the exercise of their gifts and abilities. It teaches that women, unlike men, cannot exercise any measure of authority, especially over men. This despite the fact that the New Testament does not teach that such authority should be exercised by anyone. We are to work together in mutual submission and love as those who serve the body of Christ.

This teaching is insidious and places both men and women in a place where there is no freedom in Christ.  One has to control and the other be controlled. It causes misery, strife, and division, hatred and fear, negative emotions, and practices that do not nurture sound doctrine. This can lead to depression and a general malaise in the church. Not to mention how destructive this whole teaching is to a woman’s self-image, confidence and self-respect. . It also fosters domestic violence and social disrespect for women which causes violence in the street.

How life-giving it is when gender roles and positions give way. Everyone able to function in the individual gifts they have received.  Room is made and through practice, every believer develops and matures so that they are fully equipped to serve without hindrance. we will see the church in all her glory, fully fitted and equipped, ready and able, prepared for every good work.

Relationships based on mutuality mean that we want to give time to communication, to respect and value another’s point of view. This will apply between husbands and wives, parents and children, friends and colleagues, gender not being an issue, men and women will respect and value each other’s contribution. I hope this will encourage you to explore this teaching for yourself and arrive at your own position having examined all the evidence before you.

God bless you, Patricia.